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Joe's Java Programs Page


Welcome to my personal collection of Java programs. Most of the programs on this site are geared towards scientific, engineering, or mathematical problems. Most of them include the full source code and sometimes documentation. These programs are the result of various projects I have worked on over the years and most are free software published under terms of the GPL or LGPL. Nearly everything here is a stand alone Java application. I generally don't write applets that run in web browsers. I hope you enjoy your visit to my site and if you have any questions or comments, don't be afraid to e-mail me.


The following are complete stand alone Java applications that I have written and published. I use several of these programs in my day-to-day work, so they are kept fairly up to date.

Linear Equation Calculator


Given 2 points, computes the equation for a line that passes through them. This was my very 1st Java applet back in 1997!

Wing Geometry Calculator


Application used to calculate airplane wing geometry parameters.

1976 Standard Atmosphere


Application used to calculate values related to the 1976 Standard Atmosphere model to an altitude of 1000 km.

Functional Table Reader


Application that can read and convert between a number of different functional table formats. Useful for table format conversion and for doing quick, interactive table lookups.



A Java wrapper for the OTIS utility program ODIE.



A Java quick & easy plotting program.



A Cross Platform Java LaTeX Equation Editor

EOL Converter


A simple utility program that will convert the end-of-line characters of a text file that originated on a different platform into those for the local platform.

Plot Digitizer


A program that will allow you to easily digitize data points off a scanned X-Y scatter or line graph type plot. Could be used to digitize other types of data as well.



An Aerodynamic Lifting Surface Analysis program. Aerodynamic Analysis in Java!

Virtual Hiker


Create and fly through 3D maps and create custom topographical maps including terrain roughness information.

Supersonic Cone


Application that calculates the properties related to supersonic flow past a semi-infinite cone.



A Geometry Scripting System written in Java. Create arbitrarily complex parametric geometries with a Java based scripting language.


The following are some Java source code packages or libraries that I have written and that I hope will be useful to others.

3D Graphics


Java programs and source code libraries/examples that I've written for working with 3D graphics from Java! Most of this code is related to working with OpenGL via the GL4Java binding. Some of it has now been ported to JOGL.

Math Tools Package


This is a collection of mathematical algorithms, methods and classes that I have gathered together over the years. Source code included.

Units Package


Package for dealing with units in engineering and scientific programs. Source code included.

Plot Package


A Java package for creating simple XY scatter graph and contour plots. Source code included.

Genetic Search


A Java package and example that implement a simple genetic search algorithm. Source code included.

Neural Networks


A Java package and example that implement some simple simulated artificial neural networks. Includes source code and a couple of examples using feed forward networks with different training algorithms. Source code included.



A Java package for computing various aerodynamic properties and doing aerodynamic analysis. Source code included.


The following are links to web pages containing Java source code that I have found particularly useful in my own projects.



An on-line magazine on Java programming where I cut my teeth years ago.

Apple Java


The source for the MacOS implementation of Java.

A high level 3D graphics scene graph library for Java, built on top of JOGL.
Java binding for OpenGL. Directly access OpenGL from Java.

Bare Bones Browser Launch


A class that lets you launch a web browser and point it to a URL from a Java application on multiple platforms. This works better than other options out there and has a GPL friendly license.



An adapter that hides a lot of the details of working with Apple's Java API's and allows you to create a cross platform program that plays very well with MacOS X and still works fine on other platforms.  Now you can easily use Mac specific user interface features and not break your program's cross platform compatibility.

Created: November 23, 1997
Modified: March 11, 2017