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JaTeX -- A Cross Platform Java LaTeX Equation Editor

JaTeX is a cross-platform Java program that works with the LaTeX system to provide a graphical user interface for typesetting equations. JaTeX is a tool that allows LaTeX users to type equations without needing to remember all the many commands required. However, JaTeX is not an "equation editor" per say, but is largely a graphical interface above the LaTeX engine. The user must have at least some familiarity with how TeX equation code is structured to use JaTeX well. JaTeX saves the user a lot of the overhead burden of working with LaTeX and provides a reference to most of the equation related commands that are possible. You can drag and drop the resulting equation into other applications such as word processors or presentation software or you can save it to a PNG file. In addition, images created by JaTeX can be dropped back onto the JaTeX window and turned back into editable equations for revision.

JaTeX requires a working TeX or LaTeX distribution in order to function. It does not come with one imbedded. This allows you to use whatever LaTeX distribution you want and leaves JaTeX as a lightweight, cross-platform tool. The "TeX Live" distribution is a good general distribution of LaTeX that will work for most people on Windows, MacOS and Linux ( But other distributions are available as well. The 1st time you run JaTeX, you may have to tell it where the "latex" and "diving" executables are located in your distribution by setting those in the application preferences.

I've included the entire source code for JaTeX for you to download below. The Java LaTeX wrapper and it's source code are free software protected by the General Public License (GPL).

JaTeX requires Java 1.6 or later.

My JaTeX program is available as a double-clickable application under MacOS X and as a double-clickable JAR file on Windows, Linux & others. Download the one that is appropriate for your platform. The full source code for any platform is also availabel below.

MacOS Application
(0.5 MB)

Version 1.0.0

Application that will run under MacOS X. This file is a disk image file.

Windows Application
(0.5 MB)

Version 1.0.0

Application that will run under Windows. This file is a Zip archive containing a double-clickable JAR file (that can also be run from the DOS command line).

Linux & Others Application
(0.5 MB)

Version 1.0.0

A GZipped tape archive file that contains a double-clickable JAR file that will run on any platform that supports Java 1.6 or later (either from a GUI or by running from the command line.

Source Code
(2.5 MB)

Version 1.0.0

A Zip compressed archive containing the full source code for JaTeX program including all required libraries and the source for selected libraries.

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Created: January 10, 2015
Modified: January 10, 2015