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1976 Standard Atmosphere Program

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This is a Java program that models the properties of the ICAO 1976 Standard Atmosphere to an altitude of 1000 km. This program models the variation of temperature, pressure, density and speed of sound with altitude in a "standard" atmosphere. In addition, this program calculates various airspeeds, Mach number, and dynamic viscosity as well. Simply enter any parameter(s) that you know, in a variety of units, and the others will be calculated automatically. For instance, if you know the altitude and Mach number, enter them, and the airspeeds (equivalent, calibrated, and true) will be calculated automatically. Or, if you know the calibrated airspeed and the Mach number, you can enter them and the altitude (and a lot of other parameters) will be automatically calculated.

My 1976 Standard Atmosphere Java program is available in 3 forms. As a downloadable application set up for MacOS X, as an application set up for Windows or as an application set up for use on UNIX based systems. This program and it's source code is covered by the General Public Licence.

MacOS Application
(1.8 MB)

Version 1.6.1

Application that will run under MacOS X. You will download a compressed disk image. Should work with MacOS X 10.6 or later right out of the box.

Windows Application
(1.5 MB)

Version 1.6.1

Application that will run under Windows 7 or later. You should use the latest version of Java 2.

UNIX & Others Application
(1.4 MB)

Version 1.6.1

Application that will run on several different UNIX systems with Java 1.6 or later installed.

Source Code
(6.9 MB)

Version 1.6.1

Full source code for the 1976 Standard Atmosphere program. Includes all dependencies required, most with documentation supplied.

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Created: November 1, 1998
Modified: June 17, 2015