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Note:  If you are looking for a flexible plotting package for use in Java, consider using JFreeChart.  It is far more flexible and capable than my package (but is more complex too).  I am gradually converting all my programs to use JFreeChart instead of my custom plotting package.

This library is provided as free software under the terms of the Library General Public License.

I have written a Java class package for easily creating simple 2D XY scatter graph type plots. This type of plot is commonly used in engineering and scientific applications. There are a lot of plotting packages out there for Java, but none of them did exactly what I was looking for, so I wrote my own. Here are examples of the plots that can be created with this package (in fact, these are the test plots created by the "main()" method in the PlotWindow class):

I want to stress that this is a code library intended for use in your own programs. It is not a stand alone plotting program. What you download here really doesn't have a user interface and the demo plots are only hardwired demonstrations. My intention, as with all my packages, is to provide some useful source code, not create a full featured and useful program.

Right now this package can generate 2D XY scatter graph plots (as shown above) with optional lines, grid lines, tick marks, and symbols. This package can also generate 2D contour plots of 3D data. Plots may have linear or log10 scales. Plots may have optional titles and axis labels.

The code for generating the contour paths is not dependent on the rest of the plotting package and can easily be put to use in other applications. This package requires Java 1.2 or later, and as such, will not work under MacOS 8/9, but it works great under MacOS X.

If you download my plot package and use it, let me know what you think and especially let me know if there is something that should be corrected or added to this package.

My plot package including full source code can be downloaded by clicking here:

jahuwaldt.plot ( 140k), Version: April 25, 2002.

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Created: January 2, 2001
Modified: June 13, 2003