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jODIE -- A Java Wrapper for ODIE

jODIE is a Java wrapper program for the OTIS (Optimal Trajectories by Implicit Simulation) utility "ODIE". jODIE can read n-dimensional functional tables from various file formats and convert between them and the native OTIS table format. In addition, jODIE allows you to preview how OTIS will interpret a particular table with various interpolation options by plotting the table data overlaid with how OTIS will interpolate the table.

jODIE works by calling the native FORTRAN program "odie" in the background hiding it's complexities from the user. The source code for a modified version of the ODIE executive program is supplied with jODIE but it requires the full OTIS 4 package in order to compile and run it. You must replace the standard ODIE that comes with OTIS with this modification and recompile the OTIS package in order to use jODIE. If you do not have OTIS, this program will not be useful to you!!

I've included the entire source code for jODIE, including the required modification to the FORTRAN "odie.f" that ships with OTIS, for you to download below. The Java program wrapper and it's source code are free software protected by the General Public License. The ODIE program itself is in the public domain. Note that OTIS is also public domain, but is restricted by US Export Regulations (ITAR in particular) and so can not be distributed by me. You can find out more about OTIS and how to request a copy here:

jODIE requires Java 1.6 or later.

My jODIE program is available as a double-clickable application under MacOS X and as a double-clickable JAR file on Windows, Linux & others. Download the one that is appropriate for your platform. The full source code for any platform is also availabel below.

MacOS Application
(3.0 MB)

Version 1.0.5

Application that will run under MacOS X. This file is a disk image file.

Windows Application
(2.9 MB)

Version 1.0.5

Application that will run under Windows. This file is a Zip archive containing a double-clickable JAR file (that can also be run from the DOS command line).

Linux & Others Application
(2.9 MB)

Version 1.0.5

A GZipped tape archive file that contains a double-clickable JAR file that will run on any platform that supports Java 1.6 or later (either from a GUI or by running from the command line).

Source Code
(12.3 MB)

Version 1.0.5

A Zip compressed archive containing the full source code for jODIE program including all required libraries and the source for selected libraries.

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Created: November 27, 2013
Modified: March 15, 2017