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Aerodynamic Lifting Surface Analysis

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AeroLS is an aerodynamic lifting surface analysis program. This means that it computes the effects of air flowing around thin wings (planform and camber only, no thickness) which are operating at a small angle of attack and sideslip in flow that is subsonic, steady, inviscid, and irrotational. AeroLS can be used to analyze any number of different lifting surfaces at a time, but can not analyze the effects of bodies such as fuselages in combination with wings. There are no limits (other than your computer's memory and solution run time) on the number of panels used to define your problem's geometry.

AeroLS is part of a large family of analysis codes that are referred to as "linear aero codes" and is in many ways similar to classic vortex lattice codes that were popular in the 1970's and 80's. However, AeroLS has a more modern (though still weak) user interface, and since it is written in Java, it can be run on a wide variety of computing platforms.

AeroLS is intended for educational and entertainment purposes only. This is release 1.2.0 of AeroLS but should really be considered a beta release. I have done some testing, but the program lacks features that are obviously needed and there could be serious bugs that have gotten past me. However, the source code is provided and you are welcome to make up for my short comings!

I've included the entire source code for AeroLS for you to download below. This program, it's documentation, and it's source code are free software protected by the GNU General Public License. Also, portions of the source code are libraries that are made available under the terms of the GNU Library General Public License.

This program requires you to have the Java 1.6 or later installed on your machine.

AeroLS is available as a double-clickable application under MacOS X and as a double-clickable JAR file on Windows, Linux & others. Download the one that is appropriate for your platform. Each download includes example problems, a user's manual and a theory manual. The full source code for any platform is also available below.

MacOS Application
(2.8 MB)

Version 1.2.0

Application that will run under MacOS X. This file is a disk image file.

Windows Application
(2.7 MB)

Version 1.2.0

Application that will run under Windows. This file is a Zip archive containing a double-clickable JAR file (that can also be run from the DOS command line).

Linux & Others Application
(2.7 MB)

Version 1.2.0

A GZipped tape archive file that contains a double-clickable JAR file that will run on any platform that supports Java 1.6 or later (either from a GUI or by running from the command line).

Source Code
(8.2 MB)

Version 1.2.0

A Zip compressed archive containing the full source code for the AeroLS program including all required libraries and the source for selected libraries.

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Created: December 22, 2002
Modified: June 27, 2015